Monday, 05 December 2022

Ganizo Magazines

As we prepare for the Post-Corona New Normal in global and local economics, Zambian business owners and brands can no longer ignore the intellectual property issues arising from product package designing that affect their sales or product growth in their markets – Trade Dress.

There is a city in the south of Zambia; a city of the future, called Choma. It has the profile of a city ready for rapid development, and hosts lucrative resources, and is populated by a people willing to relate. Choma is the capital of the Southern Province, which hosts pillars of the Zambian economy, that include Maamba Collieries, Victoria Falls, Lake Kariba, and Kazungula Bridge.

Zambia is the fastest growing economy in Southern Africa; a diverse economy with vast potential for growth and citizen health and welfare. There are six things of note that give insight into the potential of the economy, these being the cities, the people, the tourism, the business environment, the technology, and the agriculture.

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